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Hello Friends! Well... 2012 is off to a cage rattlin' start with 4 shows under our belt so far with new guitarist JC Whitelaw. Early this year, Lou Abraham amicably left to work with The Teen Angels. So, to keep the band in shape while we try to figure what we want to be when we grow up - our good friend JC Whitelaw offered his services. The band - to the common eye and ear - may not seem much different but there has been a new fresh energy that wasn't necessarily missing but is nice to have none the less. We have no real idea how long this run will last - so, its a great time to get out and see a show. Everyone on stage is having a good time - and - there have already been 2 nights in this configuration that have brought out the best in Dave - who - quite frankly - is never less than great anyway. Just watch the hair on your arms and you'll know what I mean. We are looking at many projects for 2012 - here's a loose look of what we are planning - if all goes our way: 1.) Some new Belle Islanders recordings... and hopefully a new release soon, 2.) Dave has begun working on Pickin Singles volume 2 - which will be entirely original songs... (Of course now that I have said that - it won't be) and then there is a 3rd project yet to be defined that we hope develops by summertime. Here is what I know: We had a great year in 2011. The success of the I Found Love video continues to grow and we are fighting for & acting on every opportunity to grow awareness of Dave and his music. We are working very hard on all aspects of our "thing" - trying to play great, writing well, grow our reputation and challenging each of us to reach inside and pull out every ounce of talent that we have - collectively and individually - every chance we get. Friends, Let the world know - we are just getting started! WIth love on this Valentines Day in 2012 The Dave Edwards Organization

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