The Best for Last - 2 Shows This Weekend

The best for last. YUP. We have come to the end of another record cycle. Change is in the Autumn air. As we internally prepare to launch a new record and work on a new show - we have 2 shows this weekend that will officially close the door of the Lone Survivor theme. We will be taking a month off after this weekend to finish recording and retool our show and there is nothing but excitement coming down the road! ON SATURDAY NIGHT - 9:30 PM 9/10/2011 DYLAN'S RAW SUSHI BAR & GRILLE 15402 Mack Avenue Grosse Pte Park, MI 48230-6205 (313) 884-6030 This is a performance from THE DAVE EDWARDS BAND - which features Dave, Bob Monteleone, James Megerian (Bass) & for the first time ever: HAMMERIN CAMERON MILLER on percussion. For those of you who haven't seen this band: ANYTHING GOES. Bob may sing a song by THE BAND .. or Dave may sing THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING or a friend or 2 may join them or they could play reggae or blues - its all on the fly. It's like watching musicians on a musical tight rope. You may hear Dave sing "Walk Away Renee" or "Ceceila" the one and only time he chooses to sing a song like that. If you are in the mood for a great dinner - come early - otherwise we hit the stage at 9:30 and play at least 2 sets. and FOLKS: IF YOU HAVEN'T BEEN TO DYLANS YET: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? DYLAN'S is becoming the premier music club of the city... along with Marios and Robustos - where those in charge have deep love & respect for the musicians! AND NOW for the LAST SHOW .... the LAST dance...: SUNDAY - 9/11/11 - also in GROSSE POINTE - DAVE EDWARDS & THE LOOK: GROSSE POINTE BLOCK PARTY - which is held at ST CLAIR & KERCHEVAL BLVD THE LOOK IS ON AT 2:30 PM ONE HOUR SHOW! SEE ATTACHED POSTER FOR ALL INFORMATION IT'S A MINI ARTS, BEATS & EATS - WITH NO COVER!!!! FREE PARKING!!!! This will be just about the most fun you can have - so tell the neighbors, bring the family and an appetite and spend the afternoon with us. We are off for a month after this show, so please come out this coming weekend and rock and roll with us. SATURDAY NIGHT - DYLANS - 9:30 PM SUNDAY AFTERNOON - GROSSE POINTE BLOCK PARTY - 2:30 PM THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT over the years. It's not fun without ya!

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