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From the desk of JEFF AMATO - LOOK RIGHT, LLC – DAVE EDWARDS’ NEW SOUND LOOKS BACK … In late 2010, DAVE EDWARDS, founding member/lead singer of THE LOOK began to plan his next solo music project. Someone says that you should try and recreate the vibe of Sam Cooke’s classic album NIGHT BEAT. This is the phase of finding material; listening to the music, look at more material…. Bob M says let’s try and cut “Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen” (NIGHT BEAT’s opening number) – and don’t you know that they cut it exactly like the record…. stand up bass and all. Dave meanwhile has been going back to the oldest records in his cabinet, artists such as Buddy Holly, Dion, The Everly Brothers … more tracks are cut, ideas taken and then taken apart … Dave decides to record his own songs- an album’s worth – a true first for the man. Then just to make it even more interesting – the rule is to keep the sound very roots based – acoustics, stand up bass, mandolins, piano, accordion – arrangements that straddle Pop, Country, Tex-Mex, Blues…. The result? Well – you got the first taste right here. “I’M WONDERIN’” & “ROCK N ROLL FEVER” are the first 2 releases (already available at iTunes & Amazon’s digital store) in what will be a succession of digital releases to come during the spring & summer of 2011. On tap: the beautiful “I Found Love” (which features Jimmie Bones on piano & organ), a Tex-Mex joint “I Just Don’t Know What To Do” which is a duet with the illustrious Jill Jack and a haunting revisit to one of The Look’s signature tunes “Can’t Think Right” which features the Pedal Steel talent of former Nashville resident Larry LeBeck . Once again the voice at the center is the familiar soulful sound of perhaps Michigan’s best all round vocalist DAVE EDWARDS. “I’M WONDERIN’” b/w “ROCK N ROLL FEVER” HANZIE RECORDS - AVAILABLE NOW Also available: TAKE ANOTHER LOOK (2004), SECOND LOOK VOLUME 1 (2008) and LONE SURVIVOR (2009)

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