Merry Christmas at Rojos

Friends, Fans & Family – HAPPY HOLIDAYS We have 2 more shows this year! This Saturday night in St Clair Shores, MI and New Years Eve in Grand Haven, MI. We have put together an incredible show for this Saturday night - and The Look will feature (2) guitarists: BOB MONTELEONE & DAVE MAZZARA! LOOK out! This Saturday 12/22/12 ROJO MEXICAN BISTRO 24026 Jefferson Avenue St. Clair Shores, MI 48080 (586) 773-7770 8:30 PM sharp – scheduled to end at 11 PM! Our new CD THE RED LIGHT IS ON … The Dave Edwards Band live on WHFR will be available for the first time at this show. The cd is already up on iTunes and Spotify and will be physically available at our shows. 2012 – Where did you go? What a year for all of us. LET ME SAY IT IN ONE WORD: GRATEFUL. Looking back at 2012 – All of us here in the Dave Edwards bubble are grateful for the many wonderful memories of performing live in this state’s lounges, clubs & festivals. We have made some new fans and many more friends for life. We are grateful for, at a time when the band needed a double shot in the arm, to have had former Forbes Brother, Jill Jack, Barbara Payton, Broken Toys guitarist JC WHITELAW to step in for most of this year. JC was great for The Look – he was funny, engaging and versatile. He was a terrific on stage foil for Dave – an excellent performer. We thank him for his time and efforts – we share some battle scars. Merry Christmas Brother. We are grateful for BOB MONTELEONE who is talented beyond words and continues to help Dave translate his music to the world. You want hear this guy play – wait until you hear him on our new CD THE RED LIGHT IS ON … Thank you Bobby – for everything always. Bob and his wife April (honorary members of The Dave Edwards Band) have a new Christmas cd out called It's Christmas Time! Get it now - when you buy our new one too! :) We are grateful for JIM MEGERIAN on the bass. Consistent and diverse – from Rock to Reggae and from Funk to Motown – his style is a significant contribution to an incredible band. Thank you Jim. GRATEFUL – yes, even for Old Rus – RUSTY RUSSUM on drums. Rusty has played terrifically this year. Keeping the beat steady and sure. Knocking back a few toasts during the evening and all in all – bringing the heat. We love you Rusty. GRATEFUL for Mr DAVE MAZZERA who is joining up with the band now. Accomplished and thorough – his slide playing is TOP DRAWER. And what a nice guy. When you see him – say hello. DAVE EDWARDS – 40 YEARS IN – knows he has surrounded himself with dedicated guys who want to find the best inside themselves EVERY NIGHT he hits the stage. Believe me, there is no one more in awe of his blessings than Dave! Keep on keeping on. Special THANK YOU to our pal in Los Angeles TONY LAKE UGVAL who continues to add his mixing and mastering talents to our records and put together our music videos. Tony is 80% done with our new video ROCK N ROLL FEVER which we will launch nationally in January of 2013. Grateful – you bet. We are most grateful to you guys for coming to the shows, participating on Facebook, etc. We are lucky to have you. Dave and the band would be a tree falling in the forest without you. THANK YOU. (Though we would make a sound – probably a very large sound). We hope to see you on Saturday night. Other than our New Years Eve performance in Grand Haven, MI – this might be the last time until February. We have put together a really great show for this weekend and we can’t wait to share it. GOD BLESS YOU – HAPPY HOLIDAYS – SEE YOU SOON! Jeff Amato

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