HELLO friends, fans & curious music searchers! LONE SURVIVOR is now available! At this time, only the physical cd is available at the shows - including this Friday's BLOWOUT at Marios After Dark (see the calendar for location and times). Joining Dave Edwards and the band is the legendary LEONARD MOON! Our good friend and wonderful singer/songwriter Barry Holdship will be kicking off the festivities! WARNING! THERE IS SOME SERIOUS DETROIT ROCK N ROLL ON THIS DISC! Three years in the making, blood on the tracks, the exuberant joy of rock and soul music. 12 tracks: 7 interpretations and 5 new songs written by or for Dave. Covering a diverse mix of artists – from Leonard Cohen to Carole King, Alan Parsons to Squeeze - Lone Survivor is an inspired collection of timeless rocking classics! From the opening track “How Long” – a WHO like rocker that reflects the insight and vulnerability of a man who stands accused - to the closing triumphant blues anthem “Can’t Keep a Good Man Down”: These are performances that are nothing like anything Dave has ever done. Tales of love lost, love won, love lost and … love on the horizon! Oh yeah – and our hero stops off every so often to have some fun too. The busking take of “Tempted”, the whipping & groove heavy “Rama-Lama-Man” (by David Lindley) and the ultimate party song “Good Time” written by Dave Edwards. The journey is a twist of musical styles - classic rockers, acoustic ballads & bar-room blues. Musical guests on the recording include Jimmie “Bones” Trombly, on loan from Kid Rock’s Twisted Brown Trucker Band, Johnny “Bee” Badanjek on drums, James Simonson (The Brothers Groove) and Dylan McCarty – whose own band, Stellar Drive, are making quite a name for themselves at the moment. Dave’s live band plays throughout the disc as well! Bob Monteleone, Dave’s long time musical partner, not only produced but performed on every track. A fluid musician, noted producer, and much appreciated friend, and sounding board. Not many listen to an entire record these days in one listen, but we hope that anyone that listens to Lone Survivor in its entirety will not only hear the effort, progress and enthusiasm that we have strived for but we hope you as a listener will also hear some damn good tunes! Highest Regards and see you at the shows! The Dave Edwards Organization

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