Happy New Year!

Happy 2012 to all of you! As we jump into the new year... with new activities coming and new shows and new music certainly on it's way too - we want to take a second and THANK YOU for an incredible 2011! We are not an easy band to categorize and the different projects Dave did last year - The Belle Islanders & The Dave Edwards Band - only become successful if you enjoy them - AND THAT HAS DEFINITELY BEEN THE CASE! This year I'm sure will find us at least starting back to basics - but you never know where that journey will go... When the Lone Survivor record was handed in and ready to be mastered, Dave played me "Written All Over Your Face". What a song! I couldn't get over it and it had to be recorded - and Thanks to Bee, Bob, Bones and Harmonie Park Studios - we got a hot one! When we were going over material for what became Pickin' Singles, I heard "I'm Wonderin'" for the first time - another OMG moment. That song is another one - it just rocks away, so solid. And so much fun to play every night. Everything on the "new" CD is like that for me - It's magic to hear what it was and then to hear what it ENDS up being. Dave is proud of every thing he has done - and Pickin' Singles is certainly a highlight of his career and continuation of his artistry! What's coming next? I don't think we know yet - for sure. There looks to be a second Belle Islanders CD to be recorded. We haven't talked much about Dave's next solo project - he always has ideas and I always have ideas and somewhere between the two of us - we try and get it right. The nice thing about "We're Gonna Rock" & even "You Can't Sit Down" is that as BIG to their time that they were - YOU have always allowed Dave to move past nostalgia by supporting his new music both on stage & on record. WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR THIS AND THANK YOU! So, in closing - thanks for reading! THANKS for being there. Thanks for coming out night after night. Thanks for letting us share the music with you! Best, Jeff Amato January 3, 2012

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