Happy Fall 2014

Happy Fall to all of our families, friends and fans. I want to thank all of you for coming out to all of our shows and for buying our music from all around the world. THANK YOU ... I would also like to celebrate a milestone in my life and career . On September 24th 2014 it is the 10th Anniversary of us releasing my first solo CD ... " Take Another Look " ... Happy Anniversary! Also in the past 10 years I have released 5 solo records and recorded 2 reggae records with our band the Belle Islanders. 7 records in 10 years that's a lot of music ... lol ... Anyway as I am recording my sixth solo record tentatively titled ... Heart's Desire ... I thought it would be good to say thanks and look back a little... Thanks again, Much Love and more to come...


Dave Edwards

Detroit, Michigan


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