Dear readers, Yesterday (Wednesday 10/17/2012), Dave Edwards entered Bob Monteleone's recording studio along with myself to record a tribute to the Detroit Tigers. Using the backing track to The Dave Edwards Band's ROCK N ROLL FEVER - Dave created new vocals for the song entitled "(DETROIT TIGER) FEVER". The song is available in the MUSIC section of this web site as a FREE download. The link is: Please feel free to share it with your friends and may it help fire you up! It's dedicated to the fans! Coming off these last 3 Games against the very qualified NEW YORK YANKEES - the Tiger's momentum here in the Motor City is palpable and contagious. We are very proud, during the toughest economic time that our city has had, to have one of our beloved sports teams doing so well and bringing everyone together. We dedicate our little anthem to the sturdy shoulders of Jim Leyland and the entire DETROIT TIGERS team and organization - Here we go again! See you at the shows. JEFF AMATO MANAGER

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