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Friends, family, & fans – HOW ARE YOU DOING on this rainy afternoon?? Listen – as we head into the holiday weekend (everyone be safe) we got a rather last minute gig – at THE ROCHESTER MILLS BREWERY. Let me tell you, I have never tasted beer so good in my life as I have in this place. You’re going to wanna come, eat some dinner, drink some beers and get revved up for DAVE EDWARDS and THE LOOK. And can we say… all night long too! We were just back there a few weeks ago for the Festival they had and it was pretty off the hook for a 6 PM performance …. So…. THIS FRIDAY NIGHT Friday, May 27th, 2011 Rochester Mills Brewery Dave Edwards & THE LOOK - 9:00pm 400 Water St. Rochester MI 48307 USA We want to thank John & Melinda Montgomery at DYLANS in Grosse Pointe for having the last show until September of my acoustic band (on 5/15). We had a great time and there are quite of few videos of the evening up on Facebook and YouTube… Our sister Claudia captured it best: “It’s almost a lost art… live music…. “ It is incredibly fulfilling and exciting to be performing in a intimate room and play “quieter” arrangements. .... A true give and take environment that builds throughout the evening. We are signed up for 2 more shows this fall (on Saturday nights) – as well as some DUO performances with Dave Edwards and Bob Monteleone on upcoming Sundays beginning on 8/28/11. The Dave Edwards Band video for “I FOUND LOVE” is almost done and will be airing nationally across the US. Look for it on iTunes very shortly too. DAVE will be performing with THE LOOK (James Megerian, Rusty Russum & Lou Abraham) for the summer and into the fall. UPCOMING SHOWS INCLUDE: 6/3 - FISHBONES (downtown DETROIT) 6/17 – WYOMING, MI 6/18 - GRAND RAPIDS, MI 6/22 – DETROIT, MI * fans - hold date for that afternoon 6/25 - ROBUSTOS 7/1 - ROCHESTER MILLS BEER COMPANY w The Belle Islanders 7/16 -ROCHESTER MILLS BEER COMPANY w THE LOOK 7/30 – MARIOS (Troy) We thank you for your support. We appreciate that you let us reach out to you week after week. SEE YOU AT THE SHOWS! Thanks for your support for Dave Edwards and The Look New shows are coming up quick - so keep your eyes peeled to the web site ( www.thelookde.net ) ! (To unsubscribe: hit reply and say "take me off this list" ... and we will :))

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