This past weekend we played 2 AMAZING shows with our good friend Jimmie "Bones" Trombly on keyboards.... here is an insiders account of the experience: BEHIND THE MUSIC Dave Edwards and The Look featuring Jimmie Bones Concert Review Ricky Miles Music Café – March 12, 2010 Robustos – March 13, 2010 “I don’t want no other baby but you”…. And so Friday night’s performance began with Dave’s version of The Vipors’ (and Paul McCartney!) classic song. The mood ... slow… intense…. wicked…. and beautiful. Friday night – Dave and The Look’s debut at Ricky Miles Music Café – began rough and ragged but when it jelled – it was magic. The band, augmented by Jimmie Bones Trombly on keyboards, was searching for their groove, the right blend in the mix, the right combination of songs… Looking for that “lift” that takes you and them out of this world for a little while. The show eventually got there but the audience was rocking with the band all the way through. Early start tonight - 8:30 - and the club was already full when the band hit the stage. One highlight on Friday was the rarely played Lowdown from Lone Survivor. Hearing Bones, who played on the cd version, was a true treat but hearing owner Ricky Miles join in on sax set the stage on fire. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time that Ricky can join Dave and company on stage! The first night ended with the band hitting the sweet spot on The Faces “Stay With Me” – as a solid roar of applause from the still full house that had the tone of appreciation. It was quite a night. Anyone within an ear shot knew that the next night at Robustos was going to be hot. You knew that the kinks would be worked out and the pacing established. Come Saturday night: I am of the belief that all roads chosen have led to this evening, Saturday March 13, 2010. If that sounds a bit dramatic – that’s because it is. Any fan of rock and roll – or sports – knows that while luck is helpful - talent AND preparation will define you. It’s a mysterious quotient when there is something special in the air. You can’t fake it, you can’t buy it and you can’t plan on it. It can truly be a God like presence and as a person who’s main job is to control – it’s downright daunting – but I have to give in. We were meant to be in this place at this time. Besides – these are the best conditions to present the band in – right? The club was packed – there were friends old and new, fans, family… Electricity. Let me try and capture the vibe…. 2 bartenders, 5 waitresses, 2 owners, beer flowing, shots rolling, everyone running… ANTICIPATION growing… people coming through the door, tables, chairs, ALL SPACE OCCUPIED. The band had refined their show and parts, got the sound just right. “Is everything ready to go…” Lori Levise running gear back and forth – “Is everyone ready to go?” … It’s not like they were running late or wasting time…. They were in mad genius mode – everything has to be right. Everything has to be right…. CUT THE BAR MUSIC! Quiet. ? Glasses clicking, voices winding up conversations …. Musicians: places please… Dedicating the night to the engagement party upstairs – May Brian and Dana be forever in love… I don’t know…but here we go… “There’s a light, a certain kind of light that’s never shown on me. You don’t know what its like to love somebody, To love somebody, the way I love you” Everyone relaxes…. WOW… yeah… this is gonna be GOOD. SEE, that’s the thing with Dave Edwards. He KNOWS his craft. He is one of those guys who make it look easy. It isn’t easy and why take the time to explain why it isn’t – You try it if you don’t believe me. The definition of amateur will follow, I guarantee. David knows how to take an excited crowd with him everywhere he wants to go. Hell, Dave knows how to take an indifferent crowd where he wants to go. The musicians – all of them – are first rate… They know the stage – there isn’t much you can throw at them that they haven’t dealt with. And yeah having Bones makes it a little more special…. Each set tonight is written to be just shy of an hour – but the fact is that the first set was 70 minutes. Dave was on a mission and he got the crowd right where he wanted them before he let the band off stage for a breather. Again… I marvel at his spirit – his connection… his focus…. This is not a guy who is in it because of the money …. Like most of us, he punches a clock during the week – but NEVER on the stage. The Robustos room is over filled; the band can barely make it off stage – to the bathroom… to the bar… In fact by the time Dave made it to the back of the club to confer with yours truly – it was time for him to make the trek back to the bandstand. This night is what live music is about. “They’re dancing on the ceiling, they are dancing on the floor – people everywhere coming through the door.” THE RAH RAHS are here AND they take the excitement of the 2nd set up five notches! Did someone say FUN? Oh Yeah! By the time that the third set starts, it’s close to 1 AM, the room thins slightly – now, the bar is comfortably filled – and the hits keep coming – winding down the evening with Giving It Up For Your Love (with a verse of Superstition thrown in!!!!) and The Faces classic Stay With Me which elevates the room and the evening. “Good night!” Not quite yet. You see the owner wants to hear her favorite Dave Edwards song. She’s a fan. “One more!” Well… it IS Saturday night. And then came the familiar chords first heard at the beginning of Friday night … this time ringing majestically - Dave sharing the vocals with Jackie and Rebecca (owner & manager) of Robustos … “I don’t want no other baby but you”… It’s a generous gesture, sharing the spotlight, and everyone sings along. “No other baby thriilllls the way you do” It was a fitting finale indeed.

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