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Dave Edwards and The Look/The Dave Edwards Band: Buy

Heart's Desire - Dave Edwards Band - Audio CD

Click on this link to buy the Audio CD ... Heart's Desire ...


Heart's Desire - Dave Edwards Band - Digital Downloads

This is the brand new Dave Edwards Band CD ... " Hearts Desire " .. which was released on January 27th 2015 ...


Heart's Desire - Dave Edwards Band - Digital Downloads

This is the brand new CD release by the Dave Edwards Band called ... Heart's Desire " ... released on January 27th 2015 ...


Heart's Desire - Dave Edwards Band - Digital Downloads

Shoo Rah, Shoo Rah - Digital Download

" Shoo Rah, Shoo Rah " ... is the first single from the new Dave Edwards Band CD ... " Heart's Desire " ... which was released on December 9th 2014 ... check it out ...  


Bring It On Home To Me - Digital Download

" Bring It On Home To Me " is the second single from the new Dave Edwards Band CD ..." Heart's Desire " ... which was released on December 9th 2014 ... the song features ... Jimmie Bones ... ( Kid Rock, Howling Diablos) on vocals, piano and organ ... 


Nothings Gonna Stop Us - The Belle Islanders - CD and Digital Download

" Nothing's Gonna Stop Us " by The Belle Islanders is the second album by the Detroit reggae group released on August 2nd 2013 ... check it out ... Dave Edwards is one of the vocalists in that group ... 


Dave Edwards Band - The Red Light Is On - CD

This is the latest and brand new CD recorded live on the radio and just released on December 6th 2012!!

Available for purchase at iTunes, Our shows or directly from our U.S. record label - Hanzie Records!

Recorded live – one take/no overdubs – on WHFR (Henry Ford Community College Radio Station) on July 12, 2012.

Who knew? Not us – that’s for sure. We arrived on a pretty mid-summer afternoon with the intention of performing the songs of Dave Edwards. Dave had picked ten of his favorite songs that he had written over the years.
Everyone set up quietly and quickly. No pressure, we thought we would just play and Dave would talk about some upcoming shows.
You know – have some fun and lickedity split.

The minutes before the 5 PM broadcast turned to seconds. Is everybody ready? Yep. Here we go. The red light, which is a protective sign that warns outsiders not to enter the studio when lit, is on…
Loosen Up begins and you can even hear Dave trying to get comfortable – he’s a little unsure of the opening lyrics*, but everyone goes on spiritedly!
Then, that “IT” thing happened. Where, by God, everyone is knee deep in the pocket and time and space stops for those 5 musicians in the room. It’s one thing to get good performances – they are pros – but it’s truly another to get SPECIAL performances. For me, some of these actually BEAT the studio-recorded versions!

These familiar songs take on a new life with this intimate backing.
This is Dave’s music and show. Dave who is blessed with a voice evocative of Sam Cooke and Otis Redding is in top form. Master of The Box, Mitch Purdy, brings perfect time and subtle rhythmic grooves that are unique to each song. Mitch also plays his mandolin – bringing some funky flavor. There is the deep bottom of the Stand Up Bass that Kenny Pesick is just inside of. April’s sugary voice complements and adds another dimension to the character and color of these songs, and Bob? Forget about it. At one point he sounds like Muddy Waters channeling The Byrds … Eight Miles High era.
What you will hear are jaw dropping performances of the highest order.

Roger & Margaret White were the perfect hosts, helping create this sonic biography of the four decade career of Dave Edwards, founding member and vocalist of The Look.

There is one song that Dave did not write on this recording (but did record on his Lone Survivor record) – the broadcast closing Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, which was written by Bob Monteleone. We have added a new song Music Everyday that was recorded just after Pickin’ Singles (our last effort) was put to bed at Tree Farm Studio and additionally includes Myles Rutledge on the drums.

We hope at some point that you will be able to listen to this record in it’s entirety. You will hear the singer and this collective of musicians not only walking, but dancing along the tightrope of performing live music.
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Dave Edwards Band - Music Everyday -single - digital single

This single was released on December 11th 2012...
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Dave Edwards Band - It's Christmas Time - single

released on November 30th 2011...
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Dave Edwards Band - Pickin Singles - EP - CD

Released October 14th 2011...
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Dave Edwards Band - I Found Love - single - digital single

released May 24th 2011...

Dave Edwards - I'm Wonderin' - single - digital single

released November 18th 2010...

Dave Edwards - Rock N' Roll Fever - single - digital single

released September 13th 2010...

Dave Edwards - Lone Survivor - CD

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Dave Edwards - Lone Survivor - on iTunes - CD

released on June 12th 2009...
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The Belle Islanders - CD

released Jun 30th 2008...

The Look - A Collection For The Record - MP3

This is Amazon's MP3 Download site

Dave Edwards - Second Look Vol 1 - CD-EP

released July 24th 2007
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Dave Edwards - "Second Look" Vol. 1 - CD-EP

released July 25th 2007...

Dave Edwards - Second Look Vol.1 - CD-EP

released July 24th 2007......available on iTunes

Dave Edwards - "Take Another Look" - CD

released July 10th 2004...
Apple iTunes

Dave Edwards - "Take Another Look" - CD

buy this CD at
released July 10th 2004...We Love CDBaby. Buy It from here.

Dave Edwards - "Take Another Look" - CD

released July 10th 2004 and can be purchased at
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The Look - "A Collection For The Record" - CD

This CD features 16 of "The Look's best songs from the years 1978-1996.
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