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Dave Edwards and The Look/The Dave Edwards Band: Links

The Look and Dave Edwards' You Tube Channel
The place to go for rare home video of "The Look" throughout the years.
Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame

The Look were inducted into The Michigan Rock and Roll Legends Hall of Fame on June 1st 2015 ...

Dave Edwards and The Look - GM Riverfront Concert -2006
This is a video of Dave Edwards and his band "The Look" taken by a fan at The GM Renaissance Riverfront concert series on July, 6 2006
Dave Edwards and the Look ... You Tube Channel
Here's the new video from " Right In The Nick " ...on our You Tube Channel
Dave Edwards and the Look ... You Tube Channel
Here the brand new video for the Dave Edwards Band ... Released on November 12th 2017 ... " Still Alive and Well " ..... Check it out ...
1980's Vintage - The Look
You Tube is a site where bands and average people upload their videos. This is a vintage performance of The Look In Concert (circa) 1980 performing the Dave Edwards' song "Last Night". Also there now 7 other videos from that same performance. Thanks to TruSlack from San Diego, California for the videos.
The Reverb Nation website of The Look from Detroit

This is the official Reverb Nation site of the Detroit Rock band called ... The Look ...

All Music Guide
This is one of the most respected sites for all things music and media. Check out the review for "A Collection For The Record."
"The Look" Merchandise
This is a site that sells Dave Edwards and The Look merch.
Dave Edwards and The Look My Space Page
A fun website that links friends with music lovers all over the world!
Hanzie Records
You can find the new BelleIslanders CD here.
The Belle Islanders New CD
This is where you can buy the new CD from Detroit reggae band "The Belle Islanders".
The Belle Islanders
Dave Edwards with award winning former members of reggae group "Black Market". Their first CD has just been released. If you have a myspace account click here and let's be friends....
Motor City Benefit - Metro Times
This is the Metro Times story on the first benefit in 2004.
Delbert McClintons official site
This man is one of my all time favorite singers. And man can he play the harmonica. If you don't know about him, shame on you! Check him out!